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Welcome to Altispire, the UKs premier aerial imaging and thermal imaging specialists!




One of the most contentious words in the English language these days.


It's not difficult to see why. Whenever you watch the news, read a newspaper or look at social media you'll find a story about flying objects. 


Not all of them will be especially positive.


At Altispire, we don't even like using the word. We prefer Unmanned Air Vehicle, or UAV for short.


When we were planning our business, we tried to look beyond the idea of a camera in the sky. Let's face it, that isn't exactly a novel concept. Aerial photography has been around since the dawn of manned flight. The last five years have seen a rapid expansion in the proliferation of stable, cost effective unmanned air systems. The 'drone' moniker has leaked into our terminology via the military hardware that we're all used to seeing on the daily news.


These systems are often relatively large (up to 20Kgs), power hungry and rely on expensive gimbals carrying full size DSLR cameras. We could have gone down this path, but we chose not to.



Instead, we tried to look at how we could provide a range of services that are presently the domain of manned aviation. We can do exactly what lots of other providers do, namely high quality daylight imagery. What we can also do is provide specialised imagery for engineering, agriculture, security, emergency management, conservation and much more. To do that, we've invested in some pretty unique hardware. Whatever your aerial imaging expectations, we'll look to develop a solution that exceeds them.



What we're also interested in is working with third parties on a curiousity basis. If you've got an idea, we'd love to help you develop it. Alternatively, keep up with our blog. It not only details the work of Altispire but also some genial observations from the world of flying things!



Aerial Photography, Thermal Imaging
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