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When I first began to draw up the idea for Altispire, I was acutely aware of what I wanted it to be and also what I didn't want it to be.


It was obvious that we were going into a highly competitive and fast changing industry and I knew that if we weren't capable of 'standing out from the crowd', we were unlikely to make our impact match our ambition.


We decided to focus not just on aerial photography and cinematography but also on supporting science and engineering - especially in the non visible spectrum. We were also keen to ensure that our flight platforms could support the work of the emergency services.



I am always being asked why I would go off and risk a huge chunk of my own capital on a technology startup.


Lets face it, it's a good question!


I am an engineering graduate who has spent more than two decades in education, most of it teaching engineering, science and technology, I decided that I wanted to do something a little different. Over the last three years, I've rediscovered my love for adventure and the challenge of the unknown.


Initially, this involved taking part in some of the toughest physical and psychological challenges in the world. Included in this were two successful attempts at the notorious Tough Guy challenge and, more recently, successfully completing the gruelling Mongol Rally: A nine thousand mile sojourn across Europe, the Middle East and Central Asia in a tiny little car bought on eBay.


What these experiences have done is reinforce the age old adage that if there is a will, there is a way.


At Altispire, we aim to focus this philosophy on delivering a truly stellar service whilst at the same time, ensuring that we are personable enough to let our clients exercise their own creativity.


I hope that you've found the work of Altispire interesting and hope to talk to you in the future.

















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Aerial Photography, Thermal Imaging
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