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Daylight Aerial Photography & Video

We're able to shoot 4k  video and high resolution photography from our UAV. In addition, we can edit material to create high quality electronic or print media. We have an exceptionally talented and experienced graphic designer to do this. Whether it's your golf course, residential home, wedding or outdoor event, we can provide the  imagery that you need.

Solar Panel Inspection

Ideally suited to large scale operations such as solar farms or commercial buildings, we are able to rapidly capture vital imagery and identify problems linked to system failures, bird droppings or surface damage.

Industrial Inspection

We can provide visible light and thermal imagery of industrial facilities and processes. At Altispire, we've combined thermal imaging with a high performance, long endurance UAV to facilitate a wide variety of engineering applications. 

Emergency Service Support

Helping the emergency services was one of our core objectives when we were setting up the company. Manned aviation is a vital but hugely expensive means of providing real time aerial imagery. We believe that there are other, cheaper ways of doing this. Our T12 platform can provide high quality, real time thermal imaging at a fraction of the cost.

Agriculture & Conservation

The beauty of having dual, independent gimbals is undoubtedly best demonstrated when working in the natural world. Whatever your conservation or agricultural needs, be it observing animal behaviour or spotting endangered species in fields that are about to be harvested, drop us a line. We can present a powerful imaging solution to meet your needs.

Aerial Surveillence and Security Monitoring

One of the major benefits of our UAV platform is it's ability to operate at stand-off ranges and still provide critical, real time imagery. This is particularly important in dangerous environments or situations. 

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Aerial Photography, Thermal Imaging
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