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Prices Explained

There are a number of variables in aerial imagery. The greatest perhaps being the weather, but also the fact that for some services, we require the support of additional professionals in order to deliver maximum customer satisfaction. The prices shown below reflect the complexity of each service and the level of expertise that they may require. For any work that we undertake, we provide a free of charge site visit in order to prepare for aerial operations. When we say 'per day' we mean up to 10 hours on site. Once a price has been agreed, we request an advance of 35% of the agreed price. This is to enable us to ensure that appropriate risk assessments and technical preparation can be carried out. Obviously, some work will no doubt require a combination of different techniques and we will ensure that this is addressed at the costing stage.

We do not charge for travelling expenses within 25 miles of our HQ. For distances exceeding that, we charge 35p per mile. Where overnight accomodation is required, this will also be added, up to a maximum of £90 per night and a maximum of three nights. Anything required in addition of this will be free of charge.


Once a job has been completed, we will invoice customers with a 30 day settlement window. faster payment is welcome and we offer a discount of 5% of the total value for invoices settled immediately via card payment. For a more detailed description of prices, please get in touch.

Aerial Thermal Imaging

This is a highly specialised service and we will be using freelance professionals to support each operation and to generate the subsequent report. Prices for thermal work start at £645 per day. Additional costs, depending on customer requirements, may be added. 

Aerial Video

We shoot aerial video using our visible camera mount and then edit using Adobe Creative Cloud. Prices start at £545 per day for filming with additional fees added for editing. Complete cost breakdowns can be agreed prior to commencement of filming.

Aerial Still Imagery

Still imagery is the least expensive or our services owing to the reduced need for sophisticated flying manoeuvres and post shoot production. Still imagery starts from £445 per day. We have an in house graphic designer to produce specialised media using Creative Cloud applications

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Aerial Photography, Thermal Imaging
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