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The Drone Debate

The headlines can seem pretty depressing, these days..,

Drones (We're struggling to make acronyms like UAVs or RPAVs stick, I'm afraid...) are making them and, for the most part, it's the people behind the controls that are getting it wrong. Flying them in close proximity to people or property without appropriate training, insurance or risk assessment is idiotic.

But it gives everybody in the industry a bad name.

The biggest issue is plain old ignorance. For most people, an understanding that there have been laws around for decades designed to protect them from rogue aircraft of all types is a complete mystery. There are...and it's about time that people got a bit more clued up on it.

During our early days when we were exploring what modern RPAVs could do, we were ridiculously cautious and always got as far away from civilisation as possible. It doesn't mean that we didn't get some amazing footage(see below). If you want to film your kids playing with the dog on the lawn or building sand castles on a crowded beach, ask yourself the following question:

Would you tie four garden strimmers together, turn them on and wave them about in people's faces?

The obvious answer is a polite "no".

If you insist on doing it, you're an idiot. Plain and simple.

#drones #aerial #law #safety #uav #uavs #rpavs

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