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The Aircraft

Our main aerial platform is the T12 dual visible light and thermal imaging system. This custom built machine weighs less than 5kg when flight ready, has dual gimbals (most UAS only have one) for delivering unbeatable flexibility and precision. Also and perhaps crucially, it is capable of flight times up to 40 minutes depending on payload.

Thermal Imaging Sensor

As any thermographer will tell you, the key to successful thermal imaging is often down to the sensor that you're using. For our business, we felt that we needed to choose the very best. The FLIR TAU2 thermal camera is everything that you'd expect from the global leader in thermal imaging technology. Unlike cheaper systems, it has a wide range of applications, is multi-adjustable and can deliver precise images in all light levels. 

Dual Screen Flight Controller

From the ground, we use the dual screen controller enabling views from both visible and thermal sensors. This is especially useful for wide area work in areas such as conservation, agriculture or the emergency services. Footage shot in visible or thermal is recorded and then downloaded to our Mac based image processing system. 

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Aerial Photography, Thermal Imaging
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